Hambardzum Hambardzumyan - Korean Delicatessen

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Hambardzum Hambardzumyan - Korean Delicatessen

The colelction "Korean Delicatessen" is Hambardzum Hambardzumyan's first book. The stories included in it, although written at different times, but complete all the features of the writing manuscript of the Ascension - a simple and non-violent style of storytelling, plots full of "childish fun", extremely colorful, impressive and "wandering" from text to text.
Title in Armenian Համբարձում Համբարձումյան - Կորեական դելիկատես
Author(s) Hambardzum Hambardzumyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Antares
Year 2018
Pages 176
Binding Hardcover
Size 12.4 x 19 cm
ISBN 9789939763118

tags: hambarcum hambarcumyan, hambardzumian, koreakan delikates

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