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Heqiatahan is an Armenian storytelling board game. The game is based on V ? A. Prop's method of developing children's speech through folk tales’ cards.

" Heqiatahan" can be used:

- as an educational game for 6+ year old

- as a tool to develop narrative and creative skills

- as a memory game that develops concentration skills

- as a team building tool

- as a tool for psychological practices (metaphorical cards, etc.)

- just for fun, to enjoy time with friends and loved ones

The aim of the game is to create an unforgettable beautiful story in any genre (fairy tale, legend, detective or fantasy) & to enjoy the journey with your characters.

Basic rules:

- Each player is given several story cards.

- The fewer the players, the more cards they have (number of players/cards: 2/9, 3/8, 4/7, 5/6, 6/5)

- Playing cards must be kept confidential.

- The cards are placed next to each other, which allows to see the whole story

- Participants can simply agree on who starts the story or roll the dice, thus choosing the order of the narrators. Players can only place one card on each move and continue the story according to that card.

- Players are free to comment on the cards in any genre (fairy tale, legend, detective, fantasy, etc.), for example, when telling the "Weapon" card, it can be a gun or a sword, or a blaster, etc.

- Each player tells the story and continues the tale, dropping all his cards.

- The blank card allows you to continue the story in any direction.

- The responsibility for completing the story rests with the last card holder, who can complete it with his or her preferred way.

- The game has no winner, after the end the participants discuss & decide on the best narrator.

Become the author of your fairy tales!

The game contains 126 cards and one 12-sided dice. Game rules are printed on the back of the cover.

Language: Armenian

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