History Of Armenia, A Brief Review

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History Of Armenia. A Brief Review

The book is addressed to Armenians in Diaspora and to readers living in various countries who are interested in history and culture of Armenia. The book is a brief review of the history of Armenia beginning with the formation of the Armenian nation up to our days. The book also contains 10 maps of different phases of Armenia's history.

?Armenians live in every corner of the world. Many of them wish to know more about the history of their ancestral homeland and contributions of the Armenian people to the world civilization, but few are fluent in Armenian, and many, in fact, hardly even read in it. Many young Armenians born outside of the homeland speak no Armenian at all, and have never been to Armenia, having only heard about it. There are, indeed, a great number of English-language books and articles on various topics of the Armenian history, published during the last two decades. Many of these sources, while useful and important, focus only on one or a few subjects. Yet doubtless is the need to have an English-language book that would offer a brief, comprehensive overview of the history of Armenia, to help the foreign reader develop an in-depth understanding of the complex issues of our history. This review is designed to serve exactly as such a reference point for the general public interested in the history of Armenia. It offers a brief overview of significant events and developments in the history of the nation, and is easy to read, carry, browse, and refer to.
Author(s) Armen Khachikyan
Language(s) English
Publisher(s) Edit Print
Year 2010
Pages 264
Binding paperback
Printing Color
Size 14.5 x 20 cm
ISBN 9789939522944

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