Javier Marias - Tomorrow in The Battle Think on Me

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Javier Marias - Tomorrow in The Battle Think on Me

"Tomorrow in The Battle Think on Me" is a novel about deception, infidelity, fate and the consequences that follow. The main character is Victor Frances, a successful writer who comes to the house of Marta Tel Yes, hoping for a romantic date. Marta is a beautiful woman with a husband and a child. At perhaps the most important moment of the meeting, when it seems that there is nothing disturbing, the most unexpected thing happens. Marta feels bad, and Victor unwittingly becomes a witness to her agony. his wife dies in his arms, in the matrimonial bed, and the baby sleeps in the next room. Fate or an unfortunate arrangement of circumstances, and what is Victor to do then? The first-person narrative turns into an endless chain of reflections where the reader must find the mysterious thread to uncover the secret. Careful scenes and images, impressions and descriptions, assumptions and imaginative flights of thought are mixed with the unique and unrepeatable writing style of the masterfully composed novel.
Title in Armenian Խավիեր Մարիաս - Վաղը մարտի դաշտում հիշիր ինձ
Author(s) Javier Marias
Translator(s) Ruzanna Petrosyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Antares
Year 2022
Pages 428
Binding Hardcover
Size 12.5 x 20 cm

tags: khavier marias, xavier marias, vagh@ marti dashtum hishir indz, vaxe marti dasthum hishir inc

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