Jim Collins, Morten H.Hansen - Great by Choice

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Jim Collins, Morten H.Hansen - Great by Choice

The authors challenge mainstream ideology with thought-provoking, original, and extremely practical concepts such as "10X's," "20-Mile March," "Fire Bullets, Then Bullets," "Leadership Above the Death Line," "Zoom Out, Zoom Out." ” and “CIH recipe”. Finally, in the last chapter of the book, Collins and Hansen present their most unique analysis. they define the concept of "luck crop", identify its varieties and explore the role of luck in practical life. Great companies and the leaders who built them were not luckier than comparable companies, but they received a "higher premium" on luck. This book is Collins' classic masterpiece, a counterintuitive, data-driven, and inspiring work. He and Hansen convincingly demonstrate that even in a chaotic and uncertain world, greatness is achieved not by chance but by choice.
Title in Armenian Ջիմ Քոլինզ, Մորթեն Թ. Հանսեն - Իրենք կամոք հզորները
Author(s) Jim Collins, Morten H.Hansen
Translator(s) Anna Abrahamyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Antares
Year 2022
Pages 378
Binding Hardcover

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