Jojo Moyes - Giver of Stars

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Jojo Moyes - Giver of Stars

To escape his monotonous life in England, Alice, who married the young and good-natured Bennett Van Cleve with high expectations, was to be disappointed in the small town of Baileyville, Kentucky. Marriage was far from his imagination. The work in the newly established mobile library comes to save Alice from the boredom and heavy atmosphere of Van Cleve's house. It becomes a path for Alice to win justice, friendship, true love.
Title in Armenian Ջոջո Մոյես - Աստղեր Նվիրողը
Author(s) Jojo Moyes
Translator(s) Ruzanna Suqiasyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Zangak
Year 2022
Pages 368
Binding Hardcover
Size 16 x 24.5 cm
ISBN 9789939689531

tags: astgher nvirogh@, astxer nviroxe

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