Karmir Rubenik - Café "Boredom"

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Karmir Rubenik - Café "Boredom"

Tsanrik, Tsanrik's mother, neighbor Olo's wife, Kamo and Zara were sitting at a large, square table. Yes, there was someone sitting between Kamo and Zara, an unknown old man with a Stalin mustache, whom, to be honest, I do not know and, therefore cannot introduce. They all gathered in Kamo's dining room and were waiting for something with serious faces. It was a very strange gathering. Instead of talking actively, discussing something, telling a good joke, remembering a humor, something, they sat if they were in a morgue, they were waiting anxiously. The lighting in the room was so dim, the wallpaper on the walls so worn and yellow that if, for example, I were there at the time, I would definitely have yellow claustrophobia (I know there is no such thing, but when everything around you is so yellow, it is not unlikely that claustrophobia will also develop). Not to mention how overwhelming the furniture was, which occupied almost half of the space - floor-to-ceiling cabinets. One was full of dishes and porcelain, and the other was full of Marxist books and photos of dead relatives. Three dozen photos were lined up side by side (tell me, should a person have so many dead relatives)? You will find out what Tsanrik, Olo's wife and others were doing in the same room after reading the book.
Title in Armenian Կարմիր Ռուբենիկ - Café Ձանձրույթ
Author(s) Karmir Rubenik
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Gratun
Year 2021
Pages 176
Binding Paperback
Size 12.5 x 19.5 cm
ISBN 9789939112152

tags: karmir rubenik, srcharan dzandruyt, cafe, roubenik, red rubenik

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