Kazimir Malevich - Black Square․ Manifestos, Declarations, Articles

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Kazimir Malevich - Black Square․ Manifestos, Declarations, Articles
Title in Armenian Կազիմիր Մալեվիչ - Սև քառակուսին
Author(s) Kazimir Malevich
Translator(s) Vardan Fereshetyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) NewMag
Year 2021
Pages 432
Binding Hardcover
Size 16 x 24 cm
ISBN 9789939884417
In the 20th century, it is impossible to understand art without context. Now each direction of painting has its own theory. This book is about understanding art. After all, what is his most famous painting, "The Black Square"? What is its value? The two new types of art, photography and cinematography, which emerged at the crossroads of the 19th and 20th centuries, took most of the work of creating classical landscapes from classical painting. And mainly the photo started to depict objects & forms. In other words, there was no need to depict the world accurately on the canvas! It was then that Malevich proposed a new form of painting - Suprematism. According to that, art must be without borders, rules, it must propose thought and content, it must reject the mere copy of reality. The "square" became a manifesto, a turning point, leaving classical art in the past. In this book, Malevich explains and substantiates his decision, presents his idea of ​​the development of art.

tags: սեւ քառակուսին, sev qarakusin, sev karakusin, kazimir malevitch

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