Khachik Dashtents - Khodedan

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Khachik Dashtents - Khodedan

The novel "Khodedan" by Khachik Dashtents, which includes a period of about sixty years: 1890-1950s dates, is the story of Asatur (Khodedan in Kurdish), the pastor from Brnashen and his lucky compatriots. These Western Armenian builders were destined to go through blood and a path full of disasters that ends in the East In Armenia. They find their final refuge in Aragats on the slopes, leaving the ancient enemy the land of their ancestors, "where every stone, tree, flower has a thousand-year history" and placing the pain of the loss of that country in wounded hearts. "Oh, earth! it was sugar, it was left in the dog's mouth."
Title in Armenian Խաչիկ Դաշտենց - Խոդեդան
Author(s) Khachik Dashtents
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Bookinist
Year 2022
Pages 535
Binding Hardcover
Size 15 x 23 cm
ISBN 9789939663593

tags: xachik dashtenc, xodedan

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