Kristine Sargsyan - Pilgrimage to Brain

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Kristine Sargsyan - Pilgrimage to Brain
Title in Armenian Քրիստինե Սարգսյան - Ուխտագնացություն դեպի ուղեղ
Author(s) Kristine Sargsyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Edge
Year 2021
Pages 212
Binding Paperback
Size 14 x 21 cm
ISBN 9789939924496
Should we believe the myth of the "10%" of brain use, do we control our brain or does it control us?
What is freedom of thought?
What processes take place in our brain from childhood to old age?
How to keep the brain young and How not to fall into the traps set by it
If you want to get the answers to these questions, then join our pilgrimage to the brain, discover the many secrets hidden there.

tags: ukhtagnacutyun depi ughegh, uxtagnacutyun depi uxex, qristine sargsyan

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