Love Letters

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Love Letters

The book includes letters from important representatives of literature and other fields of art to their loved ones. These texts of the epistolary genre, which were characteristic especially of previous centuries, are almost forgotten nowadays. In the past, letters were not only a means of transmitting information, but also confessional texts that expressed the sincere thoughts and wishes of the authors. Reading the collection, we will see that humanity has not changed in the last millennium. Their daily lives continue to be made up of family problems, livelihood concerns, love, moments of happiness, jealousy, separations, and sufferings. The book states that what is attractive in letters is not the literary talent, but the feelings expressed towards the recipient and the anticipation of a reply letter. Most of these texts became known to the public after the death of the authors. The letters are highly personal, often revealing, and sometimes scandalous.
Title in Armenian Սիրային նամակներ
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Vernatun
Year 2022
Pages 256
Binding Hardcover

tags: sirayin namakner

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