Marc Levy - All Those Things We Never Said

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Marc Levy - All Those Things We Never Said

Fathers and sons sometimes take years before they can meet face to face... That's what this novel by Marc Levy is about. A few days before the wedding, Julia receives a call from her father's assistant. as the girl assumed, her father would not be able to participate in the wedding, but this time, it must be admitted, the reason was honorable. father had died. The day after the funeral, Julia learns that her father has another surprise: the most extraordinary trip of his life. Finally, they will have a chance to tell each other everything they didn't manage to say... This is a novel about a light heart and endless love.
Title in Armenian Մարկ Լևի - Ինչքան բան ունեինք իրար ասելու
Author(s) Marc Levy
Translator(s) Hripsime Madoyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Antares
Year 2022
Pages 344
Binding Hardcover
Size 12.5 x 20 cm

tags: մարկ լեվի, մարկ լեւի, inchqan ban uneinq irar aselu, mark levi

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