Martiros Saryan. Learn and Love

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Martiros Saryan. Learn and Love

Martiros Saryan. Learn and Love

Author: Shahen Khachatryan

The greatest painters of all periods are those who seem to be the mirror of the spiritual essence of their country and their people. Such a painter is Martiros Sarian whose art is the symbol of the faith in life and the rebirth of his nation. In 1915, having finished his education in Moscow and already a well known painter, Sarian came to Echmiadzin to help Armenian refugees and survivors from the genocide. Further on, under the Soviet regime, he had to overcome many difficulties, always remaining faithful to the luminous and life-loving spirit of his art. After his death, exhibitions opened in European countries and, especially at the Pompidou Center in Paris on the occasion of his 100'"" birth anniversary, paved the way for his world-wide fame. The great exhibition opened in 2003 at the Picasso Museum of Antibes was exceptional, too. In the Catalogue one can read ""Never before pictorial art has been so close to musical art as in the works of Sarian. His brush gives out pure color-light in every work"". Paintings by Sarian, who is considered to be one of the famous painters of the beginning of the 20th century, are highly appreciated when they appear at auctions in London. Recently a volume devoted to Sarian has been published in Paris. This album presents paintings chosen among the works of the three main periods of Sarian's creation.
Author(s) Shahen Khachatryan
Language(s) Armenian, Russian
Publisher(s) Printinfo
Year 2011
Pages 131
Binding paperback
Size 20 x 23 cm
ISBN 9789939001913

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