Milan Kundera - Immortality

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Milan Kundera - Immortality

"Immortality" is a novel about the birth of a novel in which Kundera's protagonist, indulged in his accidental swimming pool inspiration, ponders the complex relationship between human existence and time. The novel debunks our illusion of immortal memory, showing how an entire biography can be mutilated in the factories of immortality, turning into a poster or a comical image. The writer suggests a paradoxical formula for a sad non-memory. This playful mosaic, which offers an unmistakable diagnosis of modern society, comes to an unexpected conclusion. In a world where triumphant laughter and mime have turned into a grimace, the vanishing beauty remains a thin stalk of oblivion or a speck of blue on the horizon.
Title in Armenian Միլան Կունդերա - Անմահություն
Author(s) Milan Kundera
Translator(s) Shushanik Tamrazyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Antares
Year 2022
Pages 480
Binding Hardcover
Size 12.5 x 20 cm

tags: anmahutyun

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