Milton Friedman - Capitalism and Freedom

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Milton Friedman - Capitalism and Freedom
Title in Armenian Միլթոն Ֆրիդմեն - Կապիտալիզմ և ազատություն
Author(s) Milton Friedman
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) NewMag
Year 2021
Pages 384
Binding Hardcover
Size 14.5 x 22.3 cm
ISBN 9789939884400
How can we benefit from the promise of government while avoiding the threat it poses to individual freedom? In this classic book, Milton Friedman provides the definitive statement of his immensely influential economic philosophy—one in which competitive capitalism serves as both a device for achieving economic freedom and a necessary condition for political freedom.

tags: milton fridmen, kapitalizm ev azatutyun

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