My Library: Smbat Shahaziz - Poems

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My Library: Smbat Shahaziz - Poems

"My Library" series offers a collection of an Armenian educator, poet and publicist Smbat Shahaziz's Poems.

Articles, essays and speeches about the national and social issues of the time make a considerable part of Shahaziz's literacy. He encouraged the use of modern Armenian, criticized methods of archaic education and conservatism of religious leaders, and denounced despotism and hypocritical attitude of European powers with regard to Armenian question. In 1893 he founded Abovian-Nazarian Fund for the needy writers. After his retirement in 1898 he created a committee in Moscow to organize the care and education of children orphaned because of Hamidian massacres. He exposed the anti-Armenian stance of czarist Russia regime in Hishogutiuner Vardanants toni artiv (Recollections from the feast of Vardanank, 1901) and duplicity of Turkish diplomacy in Mi kani khosk im entertsoghnerin (A few words to my readers, 1903).

? Each book from “My library” series represents one of classical Armenian writers or poets’ best works. The series is intended for schoolchildren, students, adult readers and generally all those who are interested in Armenian literature.
Author(s) Smbat Shahaziz
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Edit Print
Year 2015
Pages 180
Binding paperback
Printing Black & White
ISBN 9789939529592

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