Naira Poghosyan, Ruben Melkonyan - Escape from Country

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Naira Poghosyan, Ruben Melkonyan - Escape from Country

What happened to the Armenians who remained in the Ottoman Empire in 1915? What kind of state policy did Turkey adopt towards them? How did it happen that after 1920 the Soviet Union was studying the treaties of Kars and Sevres and seriously discussing the problem of reclaiming Kars and Ardahan from Turkey? Why did the announcement of the immigration of Soviet Armenia appear in the middle and most dangerous point of the relations between the Soviet Union and Turkey, a historical confrontation, but formed with a new political order and methods? A book that was awaited especially by those who noticed the active work of Turkish historians in the archives. In the archives where it is possible to find documents and information about the Armenian Genocide, survivors and descendants. This time, two Armenian Turkologists worked in the archives in detail and with care. They found and presented information about those Armenians who took the path of "escape" from the "country" to Armenia, kept under the "strictly secret" classification and until now unknown. Why and how they decided, came and stayed: the Armenians of Turkey and their descendants tell the story in this book. From the trauma of the Genocide to the process of ghettoization in Armenia. what the repatriates went through.
Title in Armenian Նաիրա Պողոսյան, Ռուբեն Մելքոնյան - Փախուստ Էրգրից
Author(s) Naira Poghosyan, Ruben Melkonyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) NewMag
Year 2022
Pages 344
Binding Hardcover
Size 14.5 x 22.3 cm
ISBN 9789939884660

tags: pakhust ergric, paxust yergrits, ergir, էրգիր, genocide, 1915

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