Notable Figures Of Armenian Art. Hovhannes Ayvazovsky

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Notable Figures Of Armenian Art. Hovhannes Ayvazovsky

Notable Figures Of Armenian Art. Hovhannes Ayvazovsky

The following book from the series “Notable figures of the Armenian art” is devoted to the world-known seascape painter Hovhannes Aivazovsky. The book briefly introduces the details of his childhood and adolescence, life and activity, copies of his seascape paintings, other canvases and portraits, the story of the creation of the famous “The Ninth Wave”, of how Hovhannes Tumanyan's poem “In front of Aivazovsky’s painting” was born, the last adieu to the great painter etc.

Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky (29 July 1817 – 2 May 1900) was an Armenian Romantic painter. He is considered one of the greatest marine artists in history. Baptized as Hovhannes Aivazian, Aivazovsky was born into an Armenian family in the Black Sea port of Feodosia and was mostly based in his native Crimea.

Following his education at the Imperial Academy of Arts, Aivazovsky traveled to Europe and lived briefly in Italy in the early 1840s. He then returned to Russia and was appointed the main painter of the Russian Navy. Aivazovsky had close ties with the military and political elite of the Russian Empire and often attended military maneuvers. He was sponsored by the imperial family and was well-regarded during his lifetime. The winged word "worthy of Aivazovsky's brush", popularized by Anton Chekhov, was used in Russia for "describing something ineffably lovely."

One of the most prominent Russian artists of his time, Aivazovsky was also popular outside Russia. He held numerous solo exhibitions in Europe and the United States. During his almost sixty-year career, he created around 6,000 paintings, making him one of the most prolific artists of his time. The vast majority of his works are seascapes, but he often depicted battle scenes, Armenian themes, and portraiture. Most of Aivazovsky's works are kept in Russian, Ukrainian and Armenian museums as well as private collections.
Author(s) Nver Virabyan
Compiler(s) Nver Virabyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Edit Print
Year 2012
Pages 48
Binding paperback
Printing Color
Size 16.5 x 23.5 cm
ISBN 9789939525464

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