On The Other Side Of Mount Ararat



On The Other Side Of Mount Ararat

On The Other Side Of Mount Ararat.

A story of the life and struggle of an Armenian family from 1913 to 1915 in the city of Van in Ottoman Turkey. It's about an Armenian family that had to leave their home behind in Van, the home of their ancestors, and move to Eastern Armenia. This was due to massive killings and deportation of the Armenian population by the Turkish Government from 1915 to 1922. Hundreds and thousands of families had a similar destiny.
?Some of the names in the story are changed, but the most of the characters are based on real people. In the story are the recollections of Lianoush, whose real name was Heranoush, a 13-year-old child who managed to survive the atrocities and lived for 13 years in concentration camps. In later years, Heranoush lived surrounded by her family, to whom she told many stories described in this book. Heranoush Beglarian was the grandmother and the great-grandmother of the authors of this book.
Author(s) Mariam Manoukian, Eliz Manoukian
Language(s) English
Publisher(s) Edit Print
Year 2005
Pages 178
Binding paperback
Printing Black & White
ISBN 0970413173

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