Smart Trio (Puzzle)

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Smart Trio (Puzzle)
Thanks to its size and simplicity, the "Smart Trio" can be your little one's first educational puzzle. It will introduce basic colors and images, stimulate thinking, promote motor development.
The box includes 10 puzzle-triplets. Each trio is matched by matching color and image.
How to play:
Ask the child to choose a color and then find the other image of that color in the puzzles. Offer to remember other images of the same color and, if there are any around, find and show them. You can also draw together the images that the child has in mind.
Select an image. Determine the shape of that image. Then ask the child to use that shape when drawing a new picture. For example, a circle as part of a snowman's body.
Choose several images, then ask the child to connect these images with semantic and causal connections.
Match mismatched puzzles. Ask the child to find and correct the mistakes.
Ask the child to distinguish and group single-color and multi-color images.

Brand Xaxalove
Size(s)/Dimensions(s) 18 x 14 x 2.5 cm
Made in Armenia
Ages 3+ years
Shipped from Armenia

Instructions in Armenian

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