Arm Root Sun Necklace

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Arm Root Sun Necklace
Collection "The Sun"
This collection was created in honor of the famous Armenian writer William Saroyan.
Being one of the ancient nations, we Armenians have conducted extensive research in the field of astronomy and have had a very good understanding of every body in the solar system.
Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the answers to all the questions addressed to the Master were summed up in one word. The dialogue is presented below:
When the famous writer William Saroyan visited Jermuk, he was asked:
- What do you like most, Master?
After listing a few things, he was asked to describe it all in a word.
Inspired by the bright sun that appeared in the sky of Jermuk at that moment, the Master responded:
-The Sun.
Arm Root jewelry is made with love and warmth! Multiply your love and warmth by wearing them or giving them to your loved ones as a gift!
Arm Root was founded by Tatev Hovakimyan from Armenia targeted to create modern jewelry based on new technologies through maintaining culture and rich traditions of silver art for ages.

Brand Arm Root
Designer Tatev Hovakimyan
Material(s) 925 Sterling Silver
Made in Armenia
Shipped from Armenia

tags: armenian silver, armenian pendant, necklace, առմ ռութ, առմռութ, armroot, handmade silver, վզնոց, vznoc

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