The Christian - Oriental Carpet

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The Christian - Oriental Carpet

The Christian - Oriental Carpet

By Volkmar Gantzhorn

A Presentation of its Development, Iconologically and Iconographically, from its Beginnings to the 18th Century

In his fundamental monograph, Volkmar Gantzhorn examines the history of the origins and development of Oriental carpets. Basing himself on rich historical and bibliographical material, also a special comparative analysis of the earliest carpets kept in different museums of the world and private collections, the author has firmly concluded that all the ornamental patterns and compositional motifs of Oriental carpets stem from the Armenian cultural area. The author reveals the features of the ideological and artistic identity of Armenian carpets. The book is envisaged for the specialists engaged in the study of the Armenian history, culture and art and public at large.
Author(s) Volkmar Gantzhorn
Translator(s) Hrachya Stepanyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) History Museum of Armenia
Year 2013
Pages 536
Binding hardcover
ISBN 9789994129133

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