Javier Marias - The Infatuations

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Javier Marias - The Infatuations

Through this profound and immersive novel, Javier Marias offers to think about love and falling in love. It is said that love and infatuation are the source of creation and happiness, and that love justifies everyone and everything, but is that so? And if the answer to love is love, how is it that we kill for the sake of love, betray ourselves and our loved ones, make others miserable and suffer? "After so many days, however, she seemed attractive to me, I missed her. We miss everything that has happened in our lives, even the short things we did not even manage to learn and even what destroyed us, then my gaze stopped further down on my lips, I could not look away, it is like a curse, which It makes you obedient… "- this is just a small part of the novel, which characterizes the author's style and descriptive subtlety. The work is also about sin and guilt, conscience, but also the ruthlessness of facts, the vain return of the dead and their impossible coexistence with the living, the inability to fully know the truth and our identity. If the answer to love is love, then what is the response to betrayal, jealousy, anger, and revenge?
Title in Armenian Խավիեր Մարիաս - Սիրահարություններ
Author(s) Javier Marias
Translator(s) Ruzanna Petrosyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Antares
Year 2020
Pages 420
Binding hardcover
Printing Black & White
Size 13 x 21 cm
ISBN 9789939765242

tags: siraharutyunner, siraharutiunner, հավիեր մարիաս

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