The New Adventures Of Chikareli

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The New Adventures Of Chikareli

The New Adventures Of Chikareli. ? story for children of 0-100 years old.
The book teaches that one shouldn't be a glutton, envy his friends, gossip, cheat, in a word one shouldn't be dishonest.
One shouldn't slingshot birds and animals, cut trees, uproot flowers, pollute the spring of the fountain. Indeed, there are so many things in our life that one shouldn't do, and if you have already done one of those things, then you’ll belittle so much that no one will notice you, and then you’ll completely disappear, like the boy named Mushegh in this book, who will be saved by going through a long and difficult path.
Author(s) Ruben Marukhyan
Language(s) Russian
Publisher(s) Edit Print
Year 2008
Pages 232
Binding hardcover
Printing Color
ISBN 9789939520377

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