The Old King In Exile

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The Old King In Exile

The Old King In Exile

Author: Arno Geiger

The Austrian writer Arno Geiger’s book The Old King in Exile is about the writer’s father, who despite Alzheimer's Disease hasn’t lost common sense and passion for life. The novel touches upon such significant themes in modern literature as old age and illness, homeland and family. The story makes it clear that despite illness man will be man with all his past, originality and dignity.
The author has been awarded Swiss, German and Austrian literary prizes for The Old King in Exile.

Arno Geiger (born 22 July 1968) is an Austrian novelist.

Geiger grew up in the village of Wolfurt near Bregenz. He studied German studies, ancient history and comparative literature at the universities of Innsbruck and Vienna. He has worked as a freelance writer since 1993. From 1986 to 2002, he also worked as a technician at the annual Bregenzer Festspiele summer opera festival.

In 1996 and in 2004, he took part in the Ingeborg-Bachmann-Preis competition at Klagenfurt.

In October 2005, he was the recipient of the first Deutscher Buchpreis literature prize (awarded by the booksellers' association of Germany) for his novel Es geht uns gut.

Geiger lives in Wolfurt and Vienna.
Author(s) Arno Geiger
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Zangak
Year 2013
Pages 176
Binding paperback
Size 12 x 20 cm
ISBN 9789939681252

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