Tigran Hayrapetyan - In The Ascents of The Third World War

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Tigran Hayrapetyan - In The Ascents of The Third World War

The ideological core of the 2nd volume of Tigran Hayrapetyan's works is the revolution of the world with the specter of a possible new, great war. Tigran wrote about Russia, the West and the Middle East which are the most important test for the Armenian state. In the 1st part called "Russian Rebellion or the Ghost of the Returning Empire", the political scientist analyzes Russia's past and present, predicts future realities: the new interstate union, the role of Armenia, expectations and global risks. In the 2nd part called "The Geopolitical Trap", the author reflects on the direction of the American political course since the collapse of the USSR, the end of European unity, the logic of inter-ethnic conflicts and the marked boundaries of the new world order, the borderline between war and peace.
Title in Armenian Տիգրան Հայրապետյան - Երրորդ աշխարհամարտի մատույցներում
Author(s) Tigran Hayrapetyan
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Newmag
Year 2022
Pages 596
Binding Hardcover
Size 14.5 x 22 cm
ISBN 9789939884691

tags: errord ashkharhamarti matuytsnerum, yerord ashxarhamarti matuycnerum, tigran hayrapetian

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