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Urbatagirk - The First Armenian Printed Book

The first printed Armenian book - “Urbatagirk” (“Friday book”) was published in Venice in 1512. “Urbatagirk” contains both spiritual and secular elements (consists of 7 quires and 6 sheets). It is published in circular font, in blue with two-color - red and black printing. It compiles prayers in verse, writs of protection, myths, a chapter from the “Book of Lamentations"" by Narekatsi, “the prayer of Cyprianos of Antioch”, “The Story of the Justinian Virgin”. This book, as well as Grigor Narekatsi's “Narek” were used as prayers against illnesses.

?""Edit Print"" Publishing House has published the facsimile copy of the original Armenian first printed book - “Urbatagirk” in dedication to the 500th anniversary of the Armenian typography. It is packaged in a souvenir box specially designed for it.
Author(s) Hakob Meghapart
Language(s) Old Armenian (Grabar)
Publisher(s) Edit Print
Year 2011
Pages 124
Binding hardcover
Printing Black & White
Size 16 x 21 cm

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