Who Moved My Cheese?

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Who Moved My Cheese?

Who Moved My Cheese?

Author: Spencer Johnson

“Who Moved My Cheese?” is a story about change that takes place in a maze where four amusing characters are faces with change; how each of them reacts to change reveals our own attitude in a similar situation.
Dr. Spencer Johnson has written a deceptively simple story with a dramatically important message that can radically alter the way we cope with change. Most people are fearful of change because they don't believe they have any control over how or when it happens to them. Spencer Johnson shows us that what matters most is the attitude we have about change.
Everyone knows that not all change is good or even necessary. But in a world that is constantly changing it is to our advantage to develop the skills and tools to help us be ready for change and not fear it.
?We hope the readers will interpret and apply the story to their own situations so that it will help them deal with change and move ahead with their work and lives safely and effectively.

Spencer Johnson is known for the ValueTales series of children's books, and for his 1998 motivational book Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life, which recurred on the New York Times Bestseller list, on the Publishers Weekly Hardcover nonfiction list. Johnson is chairman of Spencer Johnson Partners.

Johnson also wrote the book "Yes" or "No": The Guide to Better Decisions (1992), which has been translated into a number of languages including Italian, Spanish, Korean and German . He co-authored the One Minute Manager series of books with management writer Ken Blanchard, though each author has added their own books to the series. His latest book is Peaks And Valleys.

Johnson's books have been translated into twenty-six languages.
Author(s) Spencer Johnson
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Edit Print
Year 2015
Pages 72
Binding hardcover
Printing Black & White
Size 15 x 21 cm
ISBN 9789939529103

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