Witches, Sorcerers and Magic

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Witches, Sorcerers and Magic

Magic and magic are still attractive to many people today, and that is why they cause so many controversies. Are witches and wizards really associated with the forces of good and evil, or is it all superstition, maybe even a hoax? At least one thing is clear. people believed and continue to believe in the power of magic. They feared witches and wizards, believing that they could harm them with magic. On the other hand, the same people resorted to the help of a tatmor, a village blacksmith or a hekim, who could heal the sick with mysterious ceremonies or ward off evil. Belief in magic explained sudden thunderstorms, illness, and even death. This book explores the history of magic in the West.
Title in Armenian Կախարդները, վհուկները և մոգությունը
Author(s) Christoph Daxellmuller
Language(s) Armenian
Publisher(s) Antares
Year 2014
Pages 48
Binding hardcover
Printing Color
Size 21 x 27 cm
ISBN 9789939516172

tags: kakhardner, vhukner ev mogutyun

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