Wooden Board - Mariamik Clothes

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Wooden Board - Mariamik Clothes
Aramik and Mariamik have a big wardrobe, clothes for different seasons. "Aramik" and "Mariamik" games will teach the child face and body parts, types of clothes, their seasonal use. With this game you can teach your child to match clothes, tell the body about the importance of taking care of clothes, looking neat and clean. It will develop the child's self-consciousness, will encourage him to be guided by the example of the game heroes. For example, look, it is already cold, let's put a hat on Aramik and you, and with such other suggestions it is easy to regulate the child's behavior. By using examples of clothing, the child will learn the seasons, such combinations from an early age will stimulate the child's logic, the ability to find cause-and-effect relationships.

Brand Xaxalove
Material(s) wood
Size(s)/Dimensions(s) 45 x 30 0.8 cm
Ages 2+ years
Shipped from Armenia

Instructions in Armenian

tags: wooden puzzle, փազլ, armenian puzzle, kids puzzle, learning

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